CT Suite Reporting provides your business with up to date, real-time and historical data that will enable you to efficiently manage, measure and enhance your business. All data resides in the CT Suite database making it available for reporting both internally, as well as exporting to third party systems or applications allowing true cradle to grave visibility.


Real-time Dashboard for ACD info: VDNs, Skills/Queues & Agents.


Historical reports on Multimedia work items and cradle to grave voice data.


REST Web Services API for third party application integrations.


The CT Suite Dashboard application provides a customizable canvas to display real-time information on VDN’s, Skills and ACD Agents. The Dashboard application is fully customizable by agent, but can also run in a locked down mode. Supervisors and team leads can also design Dashboards which they then can make available to their agents. Data can also be displayed on external monitors in and around your contact center eliminating the need for a separate wallboard system.  

Key Features

  • Real-time display of Avaya ACD information: VDNs, Skills/Queues & Agents

  • Display information in Grids, Gauges and Charts

  • Thresholds and Alerts

  • Theme support

  • Customizable

  • Distribute to agents

  • Restrict views per user

  • Run on multiple monitors

  • Integrate web pages into the panels


CT Suite provides historical reporting around call details and multimedia work items. Access cradle to grave level reporting on voice calls to see what path a call took, if someone abandoned your queues and much more. Multimedia work items come with data that is critical to the business such as Chat transcripts and Email content that can be shared with third party systems. CT Suite provides access to all of its reporting data through data connectors for simple integration to third party reporting systems.

Key Features

  • Call details reporting

  • Web Chat reporting

  • Email reporting

  • View content details for multimedia work items

  • Third party data connector for consolidated reporting platforms.


CT Suite provides a REST Web Services API for third party applications such as CRM, Website or IVR's to query for real-time ACD information. The "REST WS Controller" is part of the core CT Suite environment and available with all instances of CT Suite. Use the CT Suite system to display real-time ACD information on your website or use the information such as "Average wait time" to determine what contact method you may want to display to your customer.

Key Features

  • Simple to consume REST WS

  • Query for real-time ACD information on VDNs, Skills and Agents

  • No need for expensive data connectors - we got you covered!

  • Available out of the box with all CT Suite installations

  • Get data on: Calls in queue, Agents available, Wait time... and much more!


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