CT Suite comes with many out of the box plugins to help enhance your contact center capabilities. These plugins allow you to integrate your third party applications at both Desktop and Server side, while providing your agents with one easy and fully integrated desktop workspace they can arrange and customize to meet their needs.


CT Suite provides several tools and features to enhance user productivity. Some of these tools include Contact Directory & Personal Contacts with click to dial integrations. It also comes with a complete set of client and server side API’s for third party application integrations.



CT Suite Salesforce Plugin provides screenpop, click to dial, call details and queing of non-voice Salesforce work items such as "Web leads" through CT Suite Multimedia.


CT Suite POM Agent Plugin provides the Avaya contact center agent with an integrated user interface to control their calls, agent availability, wrapup, do no call lists and much more..


The CT Suite POM (Proactive Outreach Manager) Agent is a CT Desktop plugin that works with the Avaya Aura Proactive Outreach Manager Server (POM) 3.x. The POM Agent interface utilizes the Avaya POM Published API for all Agent and Call control. The POM Agent integrates with the CT Desktop application and is extended through the API and Rest Web Services Frameworks. This gives your agent one, unified workspace blending all inbound and outbound activity.

Key Features

  • Supported modes: Preview, Predictive & Blended

  • Login\Out, Ready\Not Ready states integrated with ACD Elite login

  • Control all aspects of POM Call

  • View and modify customer information

  • Add Callback requests (schedule)

  • Wrap-up codes (POM codes)

  • Do not call list (add numbers)

  • Screen-pop integrations (pop on POM call information to third party applications) use out of the box rules plugin or API


CT Suite provides a blend of server-based and desktop integration to Salesforce CRM with Open CTI. The CT Suite solution utilizes the micro services software architecture that consists of several extensible services which communicate with Salesforce CRM. The solution is an out of the box integration that delivers seamless and tight functionality with Salesforce CRM, whereby contact centers can enable click-to-dial, inbound call screen pop, and automatic call log as an activity with call information notes such as ANI, UCID and CallID, and customization.

Key Features

  • Integrated with Salesforce Open CTI

  • Click to dial from contact, accounts and forms

  • Screenpop of inbound and outbound call and non-voice work items

  • Write Call Detail Information back to Salesforce activity history

  • Customize as needed with the CT Suite Plugin Framework


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