Interact with your customers in a whole new way!

Omni-Channel Solution

CT Suite is the innovative, user-friendly solution that delivers an intuitive experience across the full spectrum of contact center interactions—and does it via any device, anywhere. It brings together your data, communications channels, applications, and systems to enhance both agent productivity and customer satisfaction.  CT Suite is a web client designed to be flexible, always current, and highly adaptable to the changing needs of your contact center.


Integrated with your telephony platform. Screen-pop, Click to dial, Call Details info...


Handle your customer emails in an efficient way using advanced routing and blending while having full accountability


Provide your customers with Web Chat while at the same use a single agent interface and routing engiene


Take Web Chat to the next level with full collaboration including persistent chat, video and screen sharing


Integrate CT Suite with your favorite SMS service and your customers SMS messages through blended routing

Blended Routing 

CT Suite delivers non-voice work items (multimedia) such as Email, Chat and SMS to agents using assigned skills from the ACD.

This is referred to as "blended routing", and it has many benefits, such as unified reporting, administration and integration to existing tools such as Quality Monitoring and WFM. 





CT Suite Routing Rules

CT Suite Open Queue


ACD Agent w/CT Suite

ACD Reporting


Built Around the Agent

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