Pain Points: The company wanted their salespeople to take advantage of downtime to make outbound calls to prospective customers, using their CRM system to access a call list and track completed calls by entering disposition codes. The trouble was, the CRM system automatically purged called numbers from the list whether or not the calls were completed — losing the business potentially valuable leads.


Solution: CT Suite™ delivered seamless telephony integration with the company’s CRM system, giving them the ability to easily and accurately track outbound sales call activity. The call controls provided by CT Suite’s API enabled salespeople to click on a telephone number within the CRM record and, upon call completion, CT Suite automatically wrote all relevant data  — Universal Call ID (UCID), called number, state, end, and disposition code — back to the CRM system.


Results: The integration and call controls provided by CT Suite ensured that all calls listed as “completed” were in fact complete, with cradle-to-grave tracking and call recording access through UCID. What’s more, the business saw a big increase in sales thanks to this integration, with the salespeople using the outbound call controls becoming the most productive team in the company.

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