Pain Points: Bogged down in a lot of time-consuming, manual work — including creating and distributing paper call lists, and having agents log each number dialed, the time, and the call disposition — the contact center needed a way to automate and streamline those processes. They also wanted an easier way to track call activity, including any associated call recordings, and to assign specific Caller IDs for calls representing different business units.


Solution: CT Suite™ and its built-in Call Lists feature allowed the contact center to automatically create, manage, and distribute group call lists using a centralized, dynamic database. Agents were empowered at the desktop with features including click-to-dial and screen pops, as well as the ability to see all lists assigned to their group AND all relevant customer information, linked to each record automatically. Each call list could also be pre-configured or manually assigned with a specific Caller ID as needed.


Results: With call lists quickly updated and distributed, and a screen populated with their lists and all associated customer information, agents were not only more productive but also more knowledgeable when handling customers calls. With all call activity now captured to the database and reportable, contact center management was better able to validate the activity and measure the results.  

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